A Career As A Chemical Technician

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You may ask yourself “what is a chemical technician?”, in my paper, I will tell you. A chemical technician is one of the most important scientists. They help conduct many experiments, record data and help to implement new processes and procedures in the laboratory. they also clean and monitor equipment.When collecting samples from production batches and tests for impurities and defects, the charts, graphs, and reports this shows their collected data. When working as a chemical technician you work in a laboratory most of the time. Chemical technicians set up the laboratory equipment, such as mass spectrometers and simple laboratory glassware, required for the tests and experiments they do. The jobs of a chemical technician also require that they do require maintenance on the equipment. In experiments where airborne toxins or temperature may affect the results of an experiment, they maintain the required conditions in laboratories. Such as dust and toxic free “clean rooms” and refrigerated spaces. Some examples of what they do are, test ingredients to help…show more content…
Chemical technicians often have an associate 's degree in a field such as chemical technology or applied science. During the course of their training, they learn the basics of preparing chemicals for experiments or testing. Individual employers will instruct new chemical technicians in the preferred techniques for their company. This may involve mixing chemicals or preparing potentially hazardous chemicals or compounds, and may require that chemical technicians exercise care to the same or to a greater degree than they did while in training. People with or without a degree, strong, math, science, and laboratory skills are necessary. Chemical Technician must be clear in writing and verbal communication to give clear explanations to others that lack a scientific background. You really don’t need any experience to be a chemical

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