A Career As A Firefighter

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The primary function of a firefighter is to protect the community from disaster situations, that includes putting out house and building fires. This position includes more than just putting out fires, promoting an environment of public safety and teaching others of risks that can be prevented. Firefighters become EMTs prior to becoming the profession they desire, so rendering first aid is also a responsibility. Other duties require responding to emergency calls for specialized services such as hazardous material, confined spaces, and anything related.

A concern for people is the rate of injury and even death in the field. When you sign up for something, you should know the possibilities of the THINGS that can happen. Firefighters are five times more likely to get injured on the job than employees in a private sector. Many surveys are taken and fortunately, death rates have decreased since the 1920s.
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According to this website 99.7% of hired firefighters are never laid off. Once you work hard FOR that job you get to keep it. The most interesting aspect of becoming a firefighter is the schedule. Schedules consist of two, twenty-four hour day shifts per week, for an average of five days off per week. A professional firefighter gets hospitalization and retirement plan for them and the family of the firefighter after twenty-five years of service or at the age of forty-eight which not many jobs can offer suv an early retirement plan. Most people have to work until the age of sixty before thinking about

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