A Career As A Forensic Engineer

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Forensic Engineer is an essential part of forensic science. The forensic engineer does not have a starting organization, but they do have different groups that have come together and to form a different perspective of the science of engineers. Groups like the Ames Forensic Engineers and the Society of Forensic Engineers and scientists are two of the groups who helped mold the branch of forensic engineering (S. 2010). Dr. Jerry Lee Hall has been one of the most significant doctors in the field study forensic engineering (A. 2016). He has over 43 years in the field and has helped solve cases by being an expert witness in mechanical analyses and mechanical testing (A. 2016). He has used his ability to start his own services to work in the field…show more content…
In becoming a forensic engineer, you will have to obtain a degree in engineering and then find a concentration close enough to mechanical, civil, chemical, or computer engineer. Once graduated, it is best to get as much experience, whether it is an internship or a job in engineering. Once one has gained experience, the state should be contacted on what exam is relevant to your sub specialty. The state examination has to be completed before you go to the step of contacting the international institute of Forensic Science (IIFES) (Forensic 2010). The IIFES has a program that is required to attend and then the state may have further requirements that require for licensing. After the state requirements are completed you will receive your license. To achieve a desirable pay, you will need to have more experience with your educational background and more education than required. The typical pay after earning a bachelor will be $46,000 (Forensic 2010). That pay will increase based off of years of expertise and education. If a person has more credentials than another person pay will increase. Having an A.P.E degree over the P.E. will be another factor in earning more money (Forensic 2010). The pay rate also is determined by the state to state. For an example, if you live in Washington, D.C. you can earn a yearly salary of $…show more content…
September 11 was a terrorist attack in the United States on September 11, 2001. They were needed because of the arson and explosive issues of an airplane crashing into the twin towers. They needed to know exactly what made the World Trade Center fall. The investigator’s U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), concluded with a modeled computed structure “how each tower was damaged upon impact, how the jet fuel dispersed, how the fires evolved across each floor, how the structures heated and how they ultimately failed” (Choi 2011). Another example would be Hurricane Katrina; the levee system failed which cause the flooding of New Orleans and people losing their lives. Hurricane Katrina was not a criminal case, but a civil case because it was a mechanical issue where nothing was being tampered with. In the abstract of James Jordan, indicated the right side of the hurricane little or no protection from levees, barrier reefs, or breakwater structures (Jordan 2006). Lastly another case will be the Oklahoma Bombing, in 1995 the two men decided to bomb the Murrah Federal Office Building Oklahoma. In the investigation findings from the forensics team revealed that there were three columns supporting a transfer girder on the north side of the building (Neale 2001). In conclusion, forensic engineering is an essential specialized group of our society. What makes the forensic

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