A Career As A Healthcare Administrator Essay

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Being in the healthcare profession as a healthcare administrator is a very demand job. As a healthcare administrator one of the major focuses would be communicating affectively no matter who your communicating with such as patients, family members, staff and outside organizations. Healthcare administrator are the abdicator for their staff, patience and facility. Today we live in a very diverse world it is important for healthcare administrator to be familiar with the demographic surrounding their facility. No matter what level of degree you are in most healthcare administrator is able to have strong professional back grounds and having the experience is necessary (Public Health,2016).
Some of the educational requirements for my career will be to have at least four-year degree from an accredit college. There is also a healthcare administration graduate degree that can be obtain from an accredited school. There is no mandatory certification for Healthcare Administration however, depending on the role you are in having a certification may make you more marketable and be helpful for you career.
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This degree also has an increase at a rate fast then all other occupation and helps you have a solid outlook. One of the things I feel I will have to work on before I graduate will be to being in a strong, healthy and leadership role. It will get some use to being in this role but I know I will do it to my best ability. Some of the skills and behavior traits I feel would be administration, management, law, economics and policies and to learn how to obtain them very well to my best
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