A Career As A Medical Assistant Essay

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My life has revolved around academics since I first dreamed of becoming a physician assistant. I became interested in the medical field before I entered high school. Therefore, I decided to join a charter school where I could greatly benefit my education. The school I attended is named iSchool High. The school’s main focus was the opportunity to learn and work at your own pace. In this school, I learned to work independently as well as in groups. My freshman year I concluded my third year of French. I now know English, Spanish, and French. My next steps were taking college courses during my sophomore year. Furthermore, my most prideful accomplishment was graduating high school in three years along with half the amount of credits towards my associate’s degree.…show more content…
My duty is to make sure the construction areas are clean and there is not dust that can harm patients and employees. Through these responsibilities, I have learned the importance of protecting patients as well as the health of individuals. I currently hold this position to date, however I intend to apply as a Patient Care Assistant for the summer. I have met several employees who would help me achieve this position. In addition to other hospitals I have worked in include, Ben Taub Hospital, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, VA Medical Center, Texas Children’s Hostpital, Houston Methodist at Baytown, and Houston Methodist at Willow brook. Overall, working in hospitals and along medical professionals gave me the opportunity to aquire more knowledge of medical field. Lastly, I learned how being well educated is a key component to become successful. I value my education by focusing most of my time learning new concepts and relating every aspect to a scientific perspective. Therefore, I have seen an interest in the Histotechnology program. I first gained interest when I visited the school’s open

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