A Career As A Medical Assistant Personal Statement Essay

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I was born four weeks prematurely weighing in at four pounds, seven ounces, and was seventeen inches long. The doctor had held me up with one hand for all to see. It was not soon after that the very same doctor told my parents I may be developmentally delayed. My parents feared the worst when I was struggling to read, however I remember distinctly when my father first revealed the hard-covered medical encyclopedia. The imagines that disgusted my mother was a source of my fascination that sparked my interest to read in order to discover the knowledge I was seeking. Ever since I could remember that story of my birth being told, it was a defining moment for me – one I believe has allowed me to become the person I am today. Even though, others have told me they cannot see me working in healthcare or that I’m too small to be an emergency medical technician. I believe in facing adversity, that all things happen for a reason and every tribulation can allow me to reach my full potential. While in the first month of my emergency medical technician class, I had faced a tribulation that had caused me to question the beliefs that are my foundation. A man not utilizing a crosswalk walked in front of my vehicle and all I could do…show more content…
The job role of a physician assistant allows me to pursue my desire for knowledge, as well as, building relationships with patients. By pursuing a promising career that proves to be fulfilling and exciting gives me with a sense of purpose and the impression that I will be a successful physician assistant. I realize there will be times in my profession that as a provider I may feel helpless because there is nothing more to be done in a patient’s care. But, I will stand fast in my beliefs – having awareness that all things happen for a reason and each trial will allow me to become a better
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