A Career As A Pediatrician

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Pediatricians are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating children aged from 0 to 21. In order to be a licensed pediatrician, you will need to do the Medical College Admission Test, or the MCAT during your high school years to get into a medical school in Canada to receive a MD degree. After graduating the medical school, 4 years of Royal College of physicians and surgeons of canada-approved residency in pediatric is required, including management of hospitalized and ambulatory patients, and appropriate experience in pediatric subspecialities such as pediatric cardiology and/or pediatric neurology. During your 4-year residency training, you will be working in a hospital or a clinic to refine your skills learned in medical schools. American Board of Pediatric Examinations and Royal College Pediatric Exams will be taken within these 4 years and if you pass both examinations, you will receive your pediatric certificate. After that you are free and you can either be self employed and establishing your own clinic, or be employees of a group practice or hospital.…show more content…
They do physical exam, give children recommended immunization, treat your child’s illness, and most importantly, reduces child mortality. They see about 95 patients a week. SBI3U is an essential introductory course to the study of life. It covers topics such as plants, fungi, cells, and most importantly, animals, which is important for health care careers because these careers require the knowledge of the structures and functions of human body. For instance, a pediatrician must fully understand how the circulatory system works in order to determine if the child has any problem with his/her
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