A Career As A Physical Therapist

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My Future Career as a Physical Therapist
What does a physical therapist do? A physical therapist is a health a professional who helps people of all ages with medical problems or other health related condition that may limit their abilities to move or functional activities in their daily lives. I always want to help people improve their lives and as long as I could remember I wanted to be a physical therapist. The first I viewed my cousin go through therapy, I knew I wanted to help anyway I could. Before I start school, I take time to learn everything a physical therapist do. Physical therapist uses different equipment and technique to help with pain management, such as; massage therapy, stretching techniques, and cold and hot treatments. Before I can become a physical therapist it will require many years in school and studying. My plan is to become a physical therapist assistance, which requires you to get a two year certification or a two year associate degree from an accredited school. When I get my degree I will able to get a job a work in the field getting the experience I need. When I receive my degree it allows me to work directly under physical therapist supervision. As I continue going to school to get my bachelor and master degree. Physical therapy is a
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I want to become a physical therapist for three main reasons: being able to help people, having the freedom to work in different environments, and being able
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