A Career As A Physicians Assistant Essay

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Growing up as a young girl I was always told that my attitude was perfect for me to become a lawyer – I never lost an argument. I took the advice and I ran with it. I boasted about becoming a lawyer. I started to research the various types of lawyers, their median salaries and the amount of years it would take me in school and to advance in my practice. Although I was focused on pursuing a career in the law I was also intrigued by the medical field. I was exposed to the world of medicine from a very young age. My mother, sister, and grandmother all had careers in the field. I was always the selected person to help them study for a quiz, practice a procedure on, and to hear about their stories from work. Their careers seemed fascinating. I knew then that my career was destined to be in medicine. My mother’s favorite soap opera led me…show more content…
I attended medical forums held by medical schools, I had conversations with medical professionals, and I did my research. Coming closer to graduation I came to the realization that I did not want to spend multiple years in school before I can begin my career. I simply did not have the patience. I shared this thought with a Physicians Assistant at my doctor’s office, who recommended I pursue that path in life. I also spoke to my school nurse, a LPN, who recommended that I take the nursing route but to still pursue my M.D. I took her advice and after research I found that a Registered Nurse (R.N.) in New York makes about $63,718 annually- according to Pay scale. In only 4 years of school I would be making about half of a doctor’s salary and doing the exact thing I longed to do for years. After this research I decided to apply to Delaware State University’s nursing program where I am now studying to become a Registered Nurse. I don’t plan to stop pursuing my education until I have received my degree certifying me as a medical
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