A Career As A Radiology Technician

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What do I know? I know that through this job, it is going to make me happy knowing that I am helping people who are hurting inside and/or outside and just want comfort to know what they may have. All different kinds of jobs set high demands for their workers, and Radiology technicians are yet one of the many. This job will require a lot of skills to be able to really grasp your attention towards your patient. You have to be able to know how to use the machines properly, and that simply just takes some experience, and eventually you will be able to feel confident in yourself with what you are working with. Your patients are always going to be scared at first because they have no idea what they are getting done, but by going through the details with them will ease their fear. In addition, you have to make sure you are always showing your respect towards your patients because that will calm them down, and they will be able to trust you.…show more content…
There are so many different things that I want to know about this career. I have always wanted to learn the different types of Radiology you can go in to and major in. I would like to know the education you need to be certified to become a radiologist technician. I also want to know some of the daily duties that you have to preform each and every day for your patients. I know that this may not always be the easiest jobs, but I do know that you should always be there to support your

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