A Career As A Surgical Assistant

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The Selection Process The process involved with hiring a new employee has many steps. The goal is to find the right employee with the right qualifications for the job. It should be a good fit for the employer and for the employee. The purpose of this paper is investigate the selection process that is used in Henrico Doctors’ Hospital and also identify the expectations of both human resources and the nurse manager in terms of selection. Selection Process The selection process of hiring new employees at HCA starts with the nurse manager. “Selection is the process of choosing the best-qualified applicant who was recruited for a given job” (Lussier & Hendon, (2016). The nurse manager determines the need for an employee. Human Resources (HR) posts…show more content…
It is for a surgical assistant. The right candidate should have the following requirements: High School Graduate, Graduate of an approved CORT program, or RN, or LPN, or Certified Surgical Assistant Program and preferably have Certification in training as a Surgical Assistant or RNFA Certification. Background should consist of a minimum of three years’ operating room scrubbing experience and preferably one year experience as a surgical assistant. (About Our Company. (n.d.). It is important to have personality-job fit because this person will be an important part of the surgical team. The team works together in preparing the patient for surgery. “So you can’t change their personality, but it affects how they work, and as a result, you have to make an attempt to identify their personality types and then put them in positions that will be enhanced by their particular personality traits” (Lussier & Hendon, (2016). Ability-job fit is important also. They must be able to perform the necessary requirements because if they cannot, it risks the patient’s safety. Job Description vs. Expectations “A primary purpose of the job description is to define the role and primary functions and duties for the position” (Kokemuller, (n.d.). The job description forms the expectations needed from the employee. “Expectations typically become goals as managers work with employees to optimize production and performance” (Kokemuller, (n.d.). Employers are able to determine from the expectations if the employee should acquire the job and if they will have success in the position. Selecting the
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