A Career As A Surgical Technologist

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Are you at a point in your life where you are ready for an exciting new career? Well look no further, I have an amazing job that i 'm going to tell you all about. First off your going to need to go back to school. Wait! don 't freak out it will be just as fun an exciting as the career will be. You will start out with regular classes learning your Surgical Technology basics, along with math and english. Nearing the end of your college adventure you will start clinic. This is where you go to hospitals and get your first taste of being a Surgical Technologist. After School you will be in the first stages of being a Surgical Technologist. You will experience different things some will be good but some not so much. The good is you have an…show more content…
First off we are going to talk about school. Yes I know this is a scary subject but don 't worry I will make it sound just as amazing as it is. When you have decided that you are ready to start this adventure you will need to pick a school. The best way to accomplish this is to well "Google" it. Find out the ins and outs of every college around you. If you ever want to continue your education further than just a Surgical Technologist you will need to know if the credits you get from one will transfer to another. After you have done the appopriate reasearch and signed up for class it is time to get this show on the road. Of course you will need to take math, english and maybe more depending on your college. While you are taking these you will learn the "basics" of Surgical Technology. You will learn the rules and regulations of hospitals and the operating room, you will learn to move and deal with the patient. After you have completed the basics you will move on to principals from here you will learn the instruments and what you can and can 't do in the operating room. Now that you have learned almost everything about being a Surgical Technologist and your brain is abot to blow. It 's time for clinics, this is where you go to local hospitals and get your beginning experence. You will have a check list that must be completed by the end of your six months or whatever time frame your college has. This is where you will put all you have learned into action, walking into…show more content…
Secondly, you have graduated and are now in the very start of your Surgical Technology career. This is the first step in being great at your job, this also comes with good and bad days. The good is the days where you have people who care helping you because yes you just went through clinic but you still don 't know it all. These are also the days that you have a surgeon that understands that your new and don 't know the way he or she works yet. Now I said there would be some bad days. These are the days where you might have to work with some not so nice people. Also you may have a surgeon who is having a bad day and your the nearest person to take it out on. Now I know your thinking why in the world would I want to put up with this stuff? But trust be it gets better, in the beginning nobody is going to trust you becasue they have been doing this a long time and you just walked across the stage last month. You must always remember that you will be in there place one day training people just like you. Even though you are just starting out make sure you jump at any oppertunity to help or take an extra shift. Why do this because you will gain to much just from picking up extra things you never know what can happen from one case to

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