A Career As A Travel Nurse

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You may have heard of travel nursing before, but are still wondering, what exactly is a travel nurse? How do people get into this profession? What kinds of qualifications do they need? You may even be wondering if this is something you could see yourself doing.

Travel nurses are typically RNs (registered nurses), but there are also traveling jobs for LPNs and LVNs (Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses), and other allied health professionals. They work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, nursing homes, emergency medical facilities and a variety of other health care settings. Wherever they go, they help people, and they are rewarded well for that. Does this sound like it could be a job for you? If you're already a nurse, you're well on your way.
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It's also a great opportunity to get new experiences that look good on a résumé. When nurses make the choice to travel for their profession, they must find one or more staffing agencies to act as an intermediary between the health care facilities in need of skilled staff and the qualified nurses who can help. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved when a nurse signs on with one of these agencies, and it's typically necessary to have at least a year of clinical experience in one's area of specialty, but once the initial hiring stage is complete, it is fairly easy to pick up jobs in different parts of the

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