A Career As A Veterinarian

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I will be covering over the nature of work of being a veterinarian, education and requirements, areas of interest, dangers or hazards, salary, related occupations, sources of additional information, and my reflection. First is the nature of work, which is the job responsibilities and the duties. The veterinarian responsibilities are to check up on animals to monitor their health status. Also to see if the animals are sick or have an illness. If they are sick they will diagnose their illness. But it is rare if the animal is so sick they have to put it down. They do a process where they put the animal down, which is called the euthanasia process. They try to comfort the owners and make sure they are okay. Usually after they put
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And the chemicals can hurt you too. Such as disinfectants, gases, drugs, smoke, latex gloves, and even dust. You can also get a disease from surprisingly animal bites and scratches, too. You can get sick from direct contact with contaminated items and waste as well. This includes the dangers and hazards of working as a veterinarian.
Now is the salary and wages of a veterinarian. From the calculations in 2014 you make $42.54 hourly and $88,490 annually. This includes the related occupations of a veterinarian.
Now is some additional information about veterinarians.The first one is after college you have to attend veterinary school for at least 4 years in order to become a veterinarian. The second one is that not all of vets practice veterinary medicine. Some vets actually only do research on animals. They try to figure out different things about them and different kinds of methods to work with them, etc. The third one is that veterinary care centers aren’t always super safe places to work. It is estimated that between 61% and 68% that workers will get at least injured or sick while they are working with the animals, chemicals, and other objects, etc. during their careers. This means that more than one out of two vets will get seriously injured in the line of their work. The fourth interesting fact is the veterinary care industry is mostly only women workers, it is actually estimated that 80% of women work at vets, and only 20% men work at vets. It’s weird but it’s true. This means that four out of five veterinarian students in the United States are
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