A Career As An Anesthesiologist Assistant

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I began my undergraduate education at Colorado State University in 2004. I declared my major as Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. At this point in my life, I had no clue what I wanted to do for my career and thought this would be the best option and give me the most diversity of career options. Going into my sophomore year, I began a job in the emergency department at the hospital located in the college town. During my first day, I got to see a variety of emergent and non-emergent medical procedures. The level of care that the varying healthcare professionals provided to these patients was fascinating and became intrigued to a career path in the medical field. Over the next couple of years, I narrowed the possibility …show more content…

After observing these providers, I became increasingly intrigued by the profession. After a lot of research into this profession and shadowing multiple anesthetists, I knew I had found my calling. During my time at the Children’s Hospital, I learned that the Anesthesiologist Assistant is a skilled medical professional who works as part of the anesthesia care team in the operating room and receives direction from an Anesthesiologist. They have an extensive amount of training in the induction and maintenance of different anesthetics and also advanced monitoring techniques that allow them to keep the patient safe throughout the procedure. They are skilled providers who have training in inserting invasive catheters used for monitoring patient’s vitals, trained in advanced airway and life support techniques, and prepare an anesthetic plan with the licensed Anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist assistant has a very large responsibility in caring for surgical patients. They see patients starting in pre-op and follow the patients course all the way through the Post Anesthesia Care Unit …show more content…

Becoming an Anesthesia Assistant would allow me to work as a healthcare professional, help people in their time of need, and have an increasingly dynamic career. I know that my attention to detail, creativity, and critical thinking capacity developed over years working in the medical field make me an ideal candidate for the Master’s of Medical Science in Anesthesiologist Assistant program at Emory University. As my life progresses, I have created a desire for a profession that offers a varied assortment of opportunities. I find it gratifying to have a career that is not only rewarding for caring for surgical patients, but also the attraction of a career that is a life long learning process. The attractiveness of a career with different possibilities and education expansion is energizing and motivational. I have completed an ample amount of time researching this career, shadowing providers in this specialty, and working along side these professionals has allowed me to determine without a doubt that this is the right career path for

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