A Career Essay: Becoming A Veterinarian

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Becoming a veterinarian (vets) takes a lot of of work and effort. Education and training is a long and competitive process to even become a veterinarian. Some duties and responsibilities vets do are treating small or large injured animals, and are responsible for other helping their owners care for their animals. The working environment and hours range for different veterinarians who work with different animals. The competitive and hard-working career is worth it though for the high-paying salary and the love for their career. There are typically two types of veterinarians; veterinarians who treat small animals and those who treat large animals. Depending on what animals they care for can change their duties and responsibilities are. Small animal vets deal with household pets and large animal vets treat farm animals that could result in giving urgent procedures. Usually though, the basic duties are to treat sick and injured animals. Many vets give advice about care and breeding. Some new pet…show more content…
Majority work in private practices, but they could work for the government or private industries, such as animal disease research, zoo consultation, meat or milk inspection or teaching in some veterinary schools. Small animal veterinarians typically work in offices and treatment rooms in urban areas. They may be at risk of harm from x-ray radiation or diseases that the animals may carry. Large animal vets usually work in mobile clinics in barns or open fields, and dangerous animals may be a risk to the vets. Large animal veterinarians also could have emergencies late at night, whether an animal goes into labor or the owner thinks something is urgent. Typically the hours for both kinds of veterinarians range from eight hours to ten hours a day, totalling fifty to sixty hours a week. Veterinarians end up working a lot of night and weekends to accommodate the patient’s

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