Personal Narrative: My Experience As An Artist

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My experiences as an artist have primarily been working independently; writing songs on my own, in the hopes that I can one day play them with other people. As much as I enjoy it, I also have a lot of goals for myself because I feel like there is so much I have yet to explore. First, and most importantly, I want to hone my technical musical abilities by learning new techniques, proper composition, and a more efficient way of writing. I also want to become more comfortable with performing outside of plays and musicals. It is something that i struggle with and I am looking for a better way to control my performance anxiety. I also have a genuine interest in working with others, as I have not had a lot of opportunities to do so and collaboration…show more content…
My level of determination and focus spreads throughout every area of my life, but nothing can compare to the amount I have when it comes to my art. I also have a lot of determination to succeed in my school life, as well as finding new ways to challenge myself by taking more advanced courses. Saying that one of my best qualities is my problem solving skills may come off as rather generic, but I feel that it is very valid to my life as a whole. Innately, I want to help people as much as I can and a large amount of problem solving is required to achieve that. Any time that I encounter a difficult thing in my personal life, I try to distill it down into a simple thing that I can wrap my head around and fix. It even bleeds into my music, as everytime I approach a new song I want it to be the best that it possibly can be. I think that, of the three, my greatest quality is my positive mindset. I want to continue to bring it into everything I do in life because I feel like the energy and attitude I have when doing something transfers into that thing’s end result. I think this concept is especially prevalent in my music. Whenever I write a song with a positive attitude I feel like the final product is immensely better because it bares that positive energy. I want to attend Perpich because it is the type of school where I can devote my time and energy into something I am truly passionate about. I want to meet others who have the same intense focus that I do, in the hopes that we can learn from one another. My greatest love in life is my music, which means I want to learn everything I can about it. Perpich is a place where I can do exactly that. Attending would also allow me to challenge myself even more because I intend to take as many of the AP classes that manage. Perpich seems like the kind place where I can

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