A Career Goal For A Career

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Having goals in life is a great way for people to grow and move forward. This ability allows people to have purpose in their life. One career goal that I am currently working on is to attain my Airframe and Powerplant license. Have this certification would allow me to work on many different types of aircraft and have many opportunities to do so. Included with these goals will be taking in to consideration the technology advances to come. Also I will need to develop a plan to reach these goals. As is an important part of completing goals each of these items will be discussed more fully. Professional Goal Completing an Airframe and Powerplant license would allow me to be able to work on different types of aircraft. Having this certification allows me to work on the aircraft and sign off my own work. I would then be responsible for my work and anything that happens after I am complete. It is very useful to have because most jobs require that you have this certification. To complete this certification you need to take three written tests, complete a practical exam, and then complete an oral exam with an examiner. In addition you need experience, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lists how to gain experience “1. You can attend one of the 170 FAR part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools nationwide. 2. You can work an FAA repair Station or FBO under the supervision of a certified mechanic for 18 months for each certificate, or 30 months for both. 3. You

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