Meng Personal Statement

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While reasoning my intentions to pursue MEng (Master of Engineering) in Internetworking, I would like to throw some light on my career till now. I was always fascinated with Computers since my childhood and thought of becoming a Computer engineer got implanted in my mind at an early age. A career in Engineering seemed the most challenging and logical extension of my abilities. I have decided to pursue graduate studies in computer science. This decision followed after carefully appraising my academic performance and my areas of interest. The urge to obtain an in-depth understanding and specialized knowledge in my areas of interest, has made me apply for a MEng program.

I was given training in the basics of the operation and the applications of the computers during my school days. From that day onwards
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I have strived to develop a clear understanding of the basic concepts and acquire an insight into the Computer Science. As a student of Computer Science, subjects like Database Management Systems, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Compiler Design, Probability and Statistics, C Programming caught my interest.Though I performed well in academics, the basis of Computer Science, i.e. its practical application was what provided the impetus to innovate, analyze and constantly test my skills. Projects in this form thus was a good learning experience, as they gave me all the important hands on knowledge and also helping me to understand the importance of team work. I have been able to utilize my analytical and problem-solving skills to develop many applications such as network chat application and Sentimental Analysis of
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