A Career In Computer Science

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The History of computers from primitive abaci to laptops, computers have evolved through time to become an essential part of our technocratic society. The development of computers has shaped the way science and technology is viewed in different cultures around the world. Today any information we seek is just a click away. My fascination with computers started when my father took me to his office and I saw a computer for the first time. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. During my final year in school, computer science was introduced to the curriculum as an optional credit. It was around the same time that India witnessed a revolution in IT sector. This was the event which turned my mere “fascination with computers” to an ambitious career goal. Since then I knew that I wanted to be software professional when I grew up. My natural skills in mathematics helped me master basic programming languages such as C and C++ when I was still in school. My school helped me shape my knack for technology and natural aptitude for mathematics by providing various opportunities like science fairs, math Olympiad, tech expos etc. My aspiration for a technical career then prompted me to pursue a bachelor in technology in Information Technology. I joined Orissa Engineering College, one of the oldest and prestigious colleges in my state. In those four years of undergraduate studies, I was exposed to an array of courses like theory of computer science, data structures, network
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