A Career In Engineering

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I was brought up in a family that owned successful business. My elder brother being engineer from prestigious institute in India. Brother of mine has been constant source of inspiration for me. The choice of pursuing a career in engineering was largely influenced by consistent good performance in the subject of mathematics, which Interest me right from school level. I constantly nurtured the thought of having options to choose from, a factor that influenced the shape of my academic path. At school, this trend continued. Even as a child I had ambitions – ambitions that kept growing with me. The most distinctive feature of my life has been the enormous variety and diversity of my experiences. I have…show more content…
Among the standout examples of this was the time where I was chosen by my school to participate in our district level ‘Educational Science Fair’ in 2008 as a prestigious ‘Schools Representative’. This opportunity came in my 9th standard and clearly opened a platform to meet and interact with some of the eminent personalities in India. I realized that there exists a perpetual need for change and innovation in the world. This change can only be brought by individuals that have the determination and influence to see their vision executed at a ground level. I decided to be ‘That’ Person.

My academic merit secured me a top seat in one of the best engineering schools in the country, Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology. I majored in Computer Science and Engineering. My first few semesters in college were highly formative as I began to mature and expand socially, forming several new friendships and living the ideal collegian life in general. The desire for continuous self improvement powered me on as I steadily accumulated academic achievements semester after semester. Ardent hard work and dedication resulted in achieving very good aggregate credits by the end of eighth
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Working across multiple teams for these events exposed me to cost optimization, financial management, and strategic decision making, working under pressure, the importance of deadlines and the true spirit of team work and also enhanced my directing, organizing and planning abilities immensely. The adversities faced during these situations only served to inspire me and evoked a passion for event management that also translated into organizational methods I still use when faced with challenging situation to overcome.

I have deliberately set out time to immerse myself in every facet of life because I aim at holistic education – book knowledge from school and college, and real life learning experiences from outside world. I believe that learning is a continuous process and is never ending. Therefore, I would like to take my learning curve to a whole new level by pursuing a graduate study, which will mould me perfectly before entering into the real professional world. A graduate study would give me a platform to further explore and develop my potential and it will definitely be a life changing
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