A Career In Grief Counseling

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My Career Choice:
I have always wanted to do hostage negotiation for a career; it always seemed to me like such an exciting job. But once I got pregnant I decided that hostage negotiation might be a little bit too dangerous for me, so now I’m looking more into the field of grief counseling. I have always been able to handle other people’s emotions very well and I love helping other people. I have already taken all the required classes and programs to be able to start a paid internship at Stuart Marchman Behavioral Center in January. The want me to start Monday, January 4th 2016. While I am there they want me to shadow the counselors that work there and get an up close look at exactly what it takes to not only do grief counseling but therapy counseling as well. I plan to move to Newport News, Virginia in the summer of 2016 to be closer to family. Hopefully in moving there I can find a full time job doing grief counseling. They have a Children’s Center just a short three miles north of Fort Eustis Army Base which is only a few blocks from where we would like to move.
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Some of these topics may include divorce, the death of someone close, diagnosis of an illness in you or a family member. Some people do not know how to handle these situations on their own and that’s why many of them look for help in others who know exactly how to handle each personal
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