A Career In Gymnastics

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When most people think of athletes, they don 't usually think of a gymnast. Though to many the sport of gymnastics is rarely seen as anything beyond pretty girls doing pretty dances with some tumbling. To anyone who actively follows gymnastics, you 'd know that the males and females in gymnastics are some of the most disciplined, strongest, athletes there are. Most female gymnasts peak in their early to mid-twenties, meaning if they want serious careers in the sport, they have to focus most if not all of their youth. In the United States, many gymnasts over twenty one have a much lesser chance of making an Olympic team than another who is sixteen. Most male gymnasts careers last well into their mid to late twenties. In fact this years…show more content…
Though I could go on and on about her decorated career, the overall facts about Simone Biles is that she has made history. She has been the World Champion for three consecutive years, and the National Champion for four consecutive years. Though she isn 't the only female gymnast to win three World Championships, she is the only one to win three consecutive championships. She is also the first African American to win All Around World Championships. Beyond being the All Around Champion, Simone has a total of fourteen World Medals. Ten of those medals are gold, which makes her the record holder for most gold medals at World Championships. She also has a floor exercise move named after her, which she created and continues to be the only one to compete. This move consists of a double back flip in a laid out position with a half twist. Though video shows she is capable of throwing an extra front flip immediately after the move, she matches it with a split leap immediately after landing it. Throwing in the extra skill of a leap shows just how far ahead of other…show more content…
Besides her incredible gymnastics career, Simone is one of the most powerful female African American athletes. Her name should be known to all aspiring athletic children both men, women, and all races. She is powerhouse that continues to make history, and is a major role model for people of all ages. Come August, Simone will be leading the Women 's Gymnastics Olympic Team to Rio along with her teammates Madison Kocian, Laurie Hernandez, and two returning Olympic Champions, Gabrielle Douglas, and Alexandra Raisman. Simone is the favorite for gold, and with her history, power, and talent, she could be walking away with many, if not all of the gold medals from Rio. Simone Biles is a young, inspiring athlete. Her credentials alone are enough to make anyone want to be the best in their field, but her raw talent, perky personality, and jaw-dropping ambition to be the best, as well as have fun, make her one of the most legendary and iconic athletes in the world. She won 't be going away anytime soon, and as long as she keeps going, she 'll keep on inspiring for many

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