Becoming A Pediatrician

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A career in pediatrics If you love children and medicine is your calling, becoming a pediatrician is an excellent way to make a difference.
“Pediatricians are physicians who provide health care to infants, children, and adolescent”. Typically a pediatrician meets your patient soon after birth and takes care of the patient through his or her teenage years. Part of a pediatrician job is preventive medicine (well care). Which means that they have to see their patients periodically for routine health checkups. Some of the pediatricians aims are to reduce infants and child rate of deaths, promote healthy lifestyles and help ease the problems of children and adolescent chronic conditions. Pediatricians also have to be able to communicate well
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Usually the minimum requirement to be accepted into a medical school is at least 3 years of study in a college or university. After you get your bachelor’s degree you’ll have to apply to a medical school, earning an M.D. (doctor of medicine) to become a pediatrician, generally it takes 4 years. Following that it’s necessary to complete a residency program in pediatrics, normally for 3 years.
A physician who wishes to specialize in a sub-field of pediatrics (such as Neonatology) will pursue a fellowship program. The subspecialty, training lasts three years. Then you finally can obtain your license and get board certified. The average pediatrician may begin their day performing rounds at the hospital, which involves the pediatrician going to various patient's, such as the newborn nursery and pediatric ward, where they visit with the patient’s family members, takes vital and checks the patient's status. After they leave the hospital they usually go to their private office to start the patient appointments. “Business of the day can depend on the season, wintertime tends to be a busier season for pediatric appointments due to flu season and other wintertime ailments.” During the afternoon pediatricians may also have to review lab work, charts, call back to patient's, specialist and other doctors when
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Sometimes the pediatrician may have to make a trip back to the hospital, to see a patient, depending on any special circumstances that may arise, like in case a patient has a serious asthma attack, that might take more time of a pediatricians day, that’s why we can’t tell when exactly their day will be done. “ A pediatricians day is very busy. Patient's appointments are only a small part of pediatrics. But that small part can impact the lives of many people.”
Once Patch Adams, the creator of the clown doctors said, “The purpose of a doctor or any human in general should not be to simply delay the death of the patient, but to increase the person’s quality of life”. Becoming a pediatrician is all about this.
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