A Career In Physical Therapy

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Millions of people around the world become injured and are in need of medical attention. There is a wide range of healthcare careers that equip professionals with the knowledge and abilities needed to impact and change people’s lives. The main focus of the healthcare field is to treat, diagnose, and aid patients in returning to a better state. The range of professions can include doctors, paramedics, nurses, therapists, veterinarians, pharmacists, dentist, and so much more. The careers that I gear towards the most are physical therapy and chiropractic. Throughout the years I have researched and observed those two careers and have been inspired by the resounding differences that it has made in society. To pursue a career in physical therapy…show more content…
One of the most important skills that you need is being able to “understand written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents” (“Physical Therapists”). At this point and time, I do not possess this skill. I have been learning more about the basics of the physical therapy program itself, but have yet to explore this branch of the field. With the intent on having this skill under my belt, I plan on taking classes, studying, and researching all of the different medical terms needed to expand my knowledge and vocabulary. Another skill is “giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times” (“Physical Therapists”). In school, work, home, and other aspects of life I am constantly forced to interact with people. Through the years I have learned that everyone is different and you have to approach and communicate with each person in a respectful and clear manner. To further develop my skills, I will practice by speaking to people in my community and focus on how I deliver and receive the information in our conversations. This way I can be prepared to talk to a wide range of people and personalities. There are also qualities that I should hold, one of which requires me to be “detail oriented” (U.S Dept. of Labor,…show more content…
With all of those qualities combined it opens doors for a wide variety of opportunities that allow you to gain a sense of accomplishment, importance, and responsibility. They each have their own special qualities that make them unique and allow them to pertain to different needs. In comparison, the physical therapy career resonates with me the most. I feel as if I my skill set is better developed in that career and I admire working with a wide variety of patients while showing and examining them rather than being more hands on like chiropractors. Physical Therapy appears to be a very rewarding career that allows you to be one on one with your patients and be a part of their overall progression. Having the chance to be the defining factor that can change someone’s life is a great honor in my eyes and I am more than excited to start my

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