A Career As A Veterinary Technician

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Know Community The career I wish to pursue is a career in Veterinary Technology. A veterinary technician is a person who assists veterinarians in treating and caring for animals in the veterinary clinic. Veterinary technicians assist in administering drugs and medicine, preparing animals for surgery and collecting samples for laboratory research. Veterinary technicians also maintain and sterilize the work environment and lab equipment as well as take inventory, they also handle customer service. As of 2016, the average pay of a veterinary technician is around $15.62 hourly and $32,490 annually. Education requirements of a veterinary technician is an Associate of science. However, many veterinary technicians decide to go through a program where…show more content…
One of the main difficulties is knowing that you can’t save everyone, know matter how hard you try. Especially when a very sick or wounded animal must be euthanized due to failure to save them. Another difficult part of being a veterinary technician is having to deal with cases in animal abuse. Numerous veterinary clinics take in animals that are sick or injured due to starvation or neglect. In many cases the animals are beyond saving and must be euthanized. In other cases the animals are handicapped or simply too old and have slim chances of adoption. Furthermore, there are many times when the owner of an animal or even a veterinarian makes a decision that a veterinary technician may not agree with. However, a veterinary technician must respect that decision and try to give information that will help the owner or veterinarian make an educated…show more content…
I first learned about this career in high school and decided to go to programs regarding veterinary technology. When I went to college I decided to go into the veterinary technician program and become a licensed veterinary technician. I served as a veterinary technician for 29 years until I decided to teach at McLennan Community College in hope of educating others about veterinary technology.
8) How much has changed since you first started this career?
Many things have changed since I first became a veterinary technician. One of the biggest changes is the advancement in veterinary medicine and animal care. Veterinary clinics now have preventative medication and vaccines that either didn’t exist or was highly experimental back in 1981. Another major change is the concept of pet ownership and the overall management of pets. Years ago, people simply saw pets as property or tools. Today people see their pets as companions and members of the family. This concept not only applies for cats and dogs but also livestock animals such as chickens, horses or cows.
9) What are some things you would change about the
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