A Career: My Favorite Coach In My Life

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I have had many coaches throughout my life, some coaches have been good other not so good. My sports career started when I was three years old, so I have had many different coaches. My favorite coach, I have ever had was my high school soccer coach. He is different from all the coaches I have had and he’s my favorite coach because of the relationship we built and because he believed in me from day one.

My freshman year of high school Coach Specht was the assistant soccer coach. At tryouts he told me that I would have a bright future as a player and could possibly play varsity as a freshman. Throughout the year, I keep putting in the time and finally half way through the season, I got my chance to play my first varsity game. This showed me that he really believed in my skill, to put a freshman in against mostly juniors and seniors. Not many coaches will risk putting someone that young on the field. From then on out I
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In my final soccer season in a Edgewood jersey, I was able to achieve many personal goals and team goals. One of my personal goals was to finish first in the league in stats and I was able to do it with sixteen goals and thirteen assists. As a team, we were able to do something that had never been done in school history and that was winning our first tournament game. We went on to the second round to play a very good team, and we actually ended up scoring the first goal and holding them from scoring until the second half. Unfortunately, we lost but it was a great experience. We may not have accomplished all of our team goals, like winning the league, but the season was still great. My favorite memory was senior night because I was able to go out one last time and play in front of the home crowd. I remember coach telling me to go out there and do what I do best. That night I played one of my best games all season scoring three
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