Sports Management Personal Statement

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Sports Management a perfect career When I was Little, my parents constantly asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I always answered them that I wanted to be a soccer player. Soccer has always been my vocation in life, the point I wake up in the mornings for. But with the past of the years soccer has become something more serious, Its not just a hobby. I took it to a next level. It changed from a hobby to a huge opportunity of a lifetime. When I reached the age of 12, I understood there is no way I was going to be a professional soccer player due to many factors, height, skills, strength etc. But I understood it could give me other opportunities in life, like for example a scholarship in the United States. Now that i 'm working to get a scholarship, I started thinking what my real vocation in life is. Definitely I decided that I want to study and work on the area of sports. Then I started researching and I found out that there is a career named Sports management, and I understood that the business of sports is what I 'm decided to involve myself in. Sports management is a huge opportunity in life. It combines being involved with sports in a daily basis, with being able to administering a sports team. Due to the fact I cant vision my future without seen sports in it, I decided sports management is…show more content…
in Barry’s sports management page it is described that it is necessary to achieve a total of 120 credit hours divided into 4 years (barryuniversity). Also there are three division of the credit hours to graduate. First of all, you have to achieve 33 credit hours to specifically sports management. Then, it is necessary to complete 18 credit hours to business. And lastly you have to complete 17 credit hours in sports and exercise science ( Barry university). The last requirement is to complete is an
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