A Career Statement: Civil Engineering As A Career

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As a kid, I always liked to build and construct whatever my mind came up with. For example, I like to build with LEGOs; following the instructions step-by-step until the project was complete. I loved it. As I moved through middle school, and even into high school, I wondered if construction, or constructing things, could be pursued as a job. Especially since my advancements and achievements in math and science subjects in school, engineering in general sounded like the right job for me. That’s how I found civil engineering as a career option. The job of a civil engineer fascinated me, and I could see myself working on a large-scaled building or project for the rest of my life.
Throughout history, civil engineering has been influential to many and has been a very important part of human civilization. The profession of civil engineering dates back to ancient Egyptian times, and at that time, the words civil engineer and architect were used interchangeably, meaning that the words meant the same and were used the same. Obviously, in today’s world, those two jobs are totally different from each other. The earliest practice of civil engineering or architecture was during ancient Egypt, building simple shelters. During that time, the first documented engineer was Imhotep in 2550 BC. He built the step pyramid for King Djoser and he famously discovered the art of building with shaped stones (The Civil Engg). Other ancient constructions include the Pantheon, the Great Wall of China,
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