A Career: The Career Of Becoming A Realtor

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A Realtor is a estate agent, which is a person who sells property. Becoming a Realtor isn’t too hard and has a positive outlook for the future. Being a Realtor is a great career especially for women, women are more dominant in this career and have really taken over the Real Estate business in the US. Another great thing about this career is the that you get to be your own boss and mostly work independently, other than the people such as the buyers of houses, land or other properties. Being a realtor has to be assiduous, productive and efficient. You always have to be available for clients to call and ask questions or schedule appointments. How do you become a real estate broker and how does it work? First of all you must be eighteen or older to become a realtor and you must have legal U.S. residency. Second, you enroll in a real estate pre licensing course, a real estate pre licensing course are three courses which are Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. When becoming a realtor you must have forty-five hour credits for each course. After completing each course you have to apply to take the real estate salesperson exam and pass the real estate salesperson exam. The last part is to find a brokerage and join it. A brokerage is a business where licensed real estate professional who represent the seller of a property. A broker is a licensed professional who arranges the transactions between the buyer of the property and the seller.

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