Becoming A Realtor

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A Realtor is a estate agent, which is a person who sells property. Becoming a Realtor isn’t too hard and has a positive outlook for the future. Being a Realtor is a great career especially for women, women are more dominant in this career and have really taken over the Real Estate business in the US. Another great thing about this career is the that you get to be your own boss and mostly work independently, other than the people such as the buyers of houses, land or other properties. Being a realtor has to be assiduous, productive and efficient. You always have to be available for clients to call and ask questions or schedule appointments.

How do you become a real estate broker and how does it work? First of all you must be eighteen or older
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In ways being you own boss can be a good thing but it also can be a bad thing. When being your own boss you can take control over what you are doing and make your own due dates. The only problem with that is that you have to be very responsible and take control of situations that come your way because they are now your problem. Another good thing is that you get to work alone and you don’t have to worry about other employees. I would enjoy that because I don’t like working with other people I like being by myself and doing my own thing. The only problem with that is you have to do all of the work by yourself, that is a problem unless you are content with all of the work. Also with all of the money going toward yourself, you are closer to retirement. I don’t see how there could be a downside to being closer to retirement unless you really enjoy your time working at your job. Overall, for me, I believe I would be very delighted to be my own…show more content…
Timeliness is crucial when you are a realtor. Realtors must always be on their toes because client may can call at anytime to schedule an appointment or they may want to meet up right then. This is one of the hardest things for realtors. You devote all of your time to your clients and you will more than likely have multiple clients at the same time. While spending all of your time with your clients or going over paperwork for them it 's hard to spend time with your loved ones. Realtors attitude majorly affects how their clients or potential clients view them. Realtors always have to say everything is great because they want to appear successful and make their clients feel as if everything is under control, even when it’s not. If you are not on time for the clients,if you don’t have enough time to meet up with them or you don’t control yourself in front of them, then you could lose the opportunity of selling a house to a potential
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