A Case Analysis Of A Case Study Of Unilever

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The following discussion is based on a case study of
Unilever. The brand portfolio at Unilever exceeds 400 and includes a wide range of consumer goods: food products, beverages, cleaning products and personal care products. The topics covered in this discussion specifically include the importance of Organisational culture also look at the importance of core competencies, resources and capabilities and also Unilever’s strategic change process.
Every organisation has its unique personality, in groups of people who work together, organizational culture is an invisible but powerful force that influences the behaviour of the members of that group. Every organization develops and maintains a unique culture, which provides guidelines and boundaries for the behaviour of the members of the organization1. Unilever is one of the companies/organizations that has proved with its effective human resource management strategies that it is one of the most attractive employers in the world.
Unilever is known to be a purpose driven company as it strives for sustainable livelihoods. The company is not turning a blind eye on the realities of the society such as issues of temperature, water shortages and shortage of food supplies. Whilst all of this is affecting the society, there are also economic differences witnessed, whereby there is a gap between the rich and the poor, markets are not stable and it is hard to get raw materials. Unilever has come up

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