A Case Study: Maya Toys Inc

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This is a study of a toy company base in California, Maya Toys Incorporated. This Company is involved in the manufacturing of children’s toys since 1990 and have been in the toys business since two decades ago. Their toys are the most popular play materials among parents due to the strict safety regulation features and the brand has established itself especially amongst newlyweds and young couples expecting their first new born child.

The company led by a CEO Mr. Freddy Abuukrat and the President Mr. Tali Ben Ezer.(business highbeam.com).
Maya Toys Incorporated founded in 1992 and base in Hamilton Avenue ,Torrence California. They designed and developed toys for babies. As an innovative leader in world of toys using combination of developed concepts creative and inventors. They come out a mission of “Safety Is Our Top Priority” .The Company makes toys to bring safe, original and high quality toys to the market. Toys that amaze, wow and dazzle long after the packaging has been opened. With their commitment to produced high quality toys that surprise and satisfy by finding out direct from kids so that the toys products will be fresh ,relevant and exiting.
These are few example of the products produce:
1) Obeez-a hand spa specially design for kids/girls
2) Xploderz/Baster Pro-a toy gun specially design for kids/boys
3) Color Spashherz-a toys specially design for girls, a mini beauty saloon
4) Make Your Case-a toys to customize your

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