A Case Study Of Nike's Human Resource Management

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A-Four support activities: 1- firm infrastructure and finance : -Strong brand, product, marketplace solution, delivery and support. (brand value from 35$ in 1973 to 10.7 billion in 2014 ). -Empowerment of top management –geographic structure. -Low debt, short term debt 2.9 billion, and long term debt 1.1 billion. Cash in hand 2.2 billion. 2-human resources management: -Minimize the costs associated with high employee turnover. -Improve retention of skills, knowledge, motivation and moral, which in time impact productivity. -Give employees job security and money in their pockets and give employees opportunities to learn new skills and gain more knowledge. -Nike salary and compensation include information about base salary, signing and year –end bonuses, stock option, vacation time and other special perks and reimbursement that make up total compensation at nike. 3-Technology development: Nike has a history of developing innovative and new impact protection systems. Starting with the Waffle Trainer to the Shox columns developed in 2001, certain technologies can only be found in Nike shoes. Since it early stages, Nike research facilities had evolved to the present 13,000 square feet building designated to the constant improvements of technologies. 4-Procurement: Nike is seeking to product innovation and sustainable growth and that requires new ways in order to continue in business. Nike is working with all its partners all over the world and the establishment of

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