A Case Study Of Tata Consultancy Services: IT Group

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Information Technology (IT) services, consulting, business solutions and outsourcing organization. TCS is a part of Tata Group, one of the largest pioneers of business in India. TCS is the largest Indian company by market capitalization. TCS is now placed among the ‘Big 4’ most valuable IT services brands worldwide. It is largest IT employer in India. It provides services to wide range of segment like banking & financial services, energy, resources & utilities, government, telecom, media & information services, etc. (Wikipedia)
Tata Consultancy Services helps customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best–in–class consulting, IT solutions and services, and to actively engage all
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The way the company conducts its business is committed in protecting its heritage of leadership with trust. TCS’s mission to provide excellence reflects the Tata Group’s longstanding commitment.
Tata’s commitment to its values has been a cornerstone to the way of doing business. The company stands on five core values- Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity, and Responsibility. TCS leadership style uses these values as a base for the company to achieve its long term goals.
The three pillars of TCS leadership are N. Chandrasekaran (CEO& MD), Rajesh Gopinath (CFO&VP) and Ajoyendra Mukherjee (EVP and Head, Global HR). The leadership philosophy of TCS is very humble and its assets are its people. They believe that if there people are successful then the company successful.
OneTCS – The culture they call at Tata Consultancy Services. A global organization is characterized by many things, people, places, cultures, geographies, holidays etc. It becomes a melting pot where people who have never seen, spoken to each other before come together and are connected by common bonds across the boundaries. They have common goals, shred spirit and passion to excel. All these things make an organization more than an economic entity and like one nation without any geographical
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There was high level politics involved. The higher management saw a huge growth potential in our project and because of some high level politics the Project Manager changed and the project was altogether handed over to different Project manager in different vertical. This change disrupted the whole layout and morale of the team. A lot of team members left the project and some also left the company. New team leads were assigned, hierarchy within team changed, office location changed, and there was no flexibility with respect to work timings. Many new changes and policies were incorporated that were different from the work culture that our previous project manager had. In earlier stages, politics was involved and there was no appreciation for work. The team dynamics were very poor. It took around 6-8 months for each of the team member to adjust to the new work culture, new working styles of bosses. All this earlier resulted into work place politics but later the project manager controlled the team in an efficient way by motivating, managing conflicts and collaborating the team members by making it one of the best

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