Swot Analysis Of Roadside Car

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Fix a car is roadside car repair service that provides professional mechanics at the required spot.
1) Imagine a housewife driving back to home in the afternoon after picking her kids from school. All of a sudden the front right tire of the car punctures, probably due to some sharp object on the road. The lady takes the car to the side of the road but has no idea what to do next. She cannot change tires and is scared to ask strangers (passer-by) for help. It would be ideal if someone reliable could come to her help…
2) Imagine a family travelling back from a wedding at 1:00 am. For some reason their car stops in the middle of the road. The male member gets out, opens the bonnet and tries to tamper a few wires, but to no avail. He checks the petrol tank indicator, that’s full too. He cannot figure out the fault and starts
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“Our vision is a strategic vision because it does not need to change with the passage of time”.

 No existing similar service in the industry
 Service to the people on the spot
 Handling car for the people that can create difficulty, if handled personally
 Offering a 24 hour facility, that permanent workshops do not close
 Offering variety of jobs: towing, repairing of minor causes of car breakdown
 There is huge potential in market for “fix a car”, because of the ease it will cause for people

 Not covering the entire city – creating operating radius
 Not having own permanent workshop – unable to give people complete car repair service due to limited capital
 Having limited resources to create awareness for “fix a car” concept

 An untapped market for “fix a car”
 Being the pioneers, innovators and leaders in the industry
 Entering the industry first, we would be in a position to expand fast
 Possibility of being associated with known brands such as Shell, Caltex, etc. and engaging in joint
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