Why Do Women Choose Teaching As A Career Choice

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Project Title: - “Teaching as a career choice” - A Case study of women employees working in schools in Hyderabad. Introduction:- Teaching is an important and it is a well regarded profession within our community and people from all walks of life find it as a professionally and personally gives satisfaction as a career choice. It is a unique profession because everyone has been to a school and seen teachers in action, even if it is just as a school student. The main aim of selecting this topic is to understand, the factors which influence women to choose teaching as a career. Why did they choose teaching as a career? What points do teachers take into consideration? Why do women choose teaching as a career? What important aspects in choosing a career are?…show more content…
Here is a small study on why do women choose it – whether it is a chance or a choice? , whether it suits their timings? , whether their family force them to do so? What factors had motivated them to choose teaching? But today it appears as if teaching has lost its fame. Many people are not ready to choose teaching as a career. Though, there are a few women who choose teaching as a career it appears it is not by choice. So it is very important for us to analyze the reasons and challenges which these people encountered in making a choice of teaching. Objectives:- 1. To understand the factors that lead to taking teaching as a career choice. 2. To analyze the challenges in other careers that might be a reason for taking teaching as a career. Scope:- 1. Study is restricted to teachers working at school level. 2. Study is restricted to teachers located in Hyderabad city.
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