A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Analysis

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“A truth told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent” discuss in relation to ‘A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’.
Technically, I believe that there are different types of lies, small lies that avoid conflict, lies told to spare peoples’ feelings, lies accounted for their own benefit, lies that bypass responsibilities and lies told to hide the truth. Lies are often portrayed because the person is scared of rejection, a lie is like a shield and the reality can be painful, in spite of this a lie can hide or delay the pain by taking the easy way out. Telling the truth with bad intent, gets someone else in trouble and the liar gains something, it can be witnessing them in pain or maybe they get something you lost from the truth. Dishonesty is
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This character is also caught up in mendacity. He confirmed to brick that he would leave everything to Brick if only then he stops drinking. Brick and Big Daddy started to become honest with one another Big forced Brick to face his feelings for Skipper. They did not let each other rest unless they faced the truth. “Then there is at least two people that never lied to each other” this line express the bond that there is between them. But at the same time Brick knew Big Daddy was dying, he was in need to confess it In conclusion, mendacity was the major theme throughout the play. The entire family was wrapped up with all the lies told for different motifs. Clearly Gooper and Mae’s motif was mostly greed. From this play, I, in my opinion that no matter how hard you try to cover up the truth, a good motif lie is no different from a bad lie, a lie is a lie. And a truth told with bad intent is still preferable over telling any type of lie. The lie might sound better and the truth may be painful and hard to accept but you still will get to hear about

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