A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Character Analysis

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The play “A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” is a story of Brick Pollitt and his wife, Margarete, and the troubles happening internally and externally with their family and it takes place in their bedroom on the night of Big Daddy’s birthday . The story is set in the Mississippi Delta during the 1950’s and the events are all taking place in the same night. Unknowing to Big Daddy and Big mama, Big Daddy is suffering from cancer, creating a conflict between Brick’s brother Gooper and wife Mae, with Margaret, “Maggie”, over whom the plantation is given to once Big Daddy is gone. Adding onto that, Maggie and Brick are having their own personal conflict with each other. With the death of his best friend, Skipper, Brick is having his
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Unbeknownst to him, he is dying of cancer, and is having Goopers children shoved in his face to win over the plantation over Brick. He is also struggling with living with his wife, a woman he can’t stand, and the growing alcoholism of Brick. It is revealed he has never truly shown love to Gooper and his family, and Big Daddy and Big Mama always viewed Brick as their only son. Big daddy has the conflict between creating a will and giving the plantation to a son he doesn’t love or Brick, an alcoholic and his childless wife, or giving it to nobody. In the end is it revealed he is in fact dying of cancer and another lie is created by…show more content…
She is trying to gain attention with Brick and continuously mentions how it is the right time to become pregnant, wanting to shut Mae up he and constant comments about her being childless. She is trying to grab at the love and affection they used to share before Skipper's death. Maggie pushes Bricks buttons, often resulting in a violent threat from Brick and at the end she creates her own lie to Big Mama, saying she is pregnant, although Mae and Gooper know this is a lie as they hear their arguments and know they have not been sleeping together for some time. Brick stays silent and as the family leaves, Maggie locks Brick’s liquor cabinet, not allowing him to drink until he has made her lie
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