A Celebration Of Grandfathers Analysis

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Good and bad, two small words that have so much meaning. What makes people react the way they do? Are people born to be good or bad, or do they have any control over what they will become? Can personal experience impact a person’s values by changing their views on life? The truth is that all people are born with both, good and bad tendencies. Also, it is true that the environment people grow up and personal experiences can reinforce or shape their values for better. Rudolfo Anaya shows how this can occur in "A Celebration of Grandfathers". Louisa May Alcott also illustrates this process in her story, "Little Women." Anaya in "A Celebration of Grandfathers" and Amy in "Little Women,” show that personal experiences and the environment that people grow up definitely can shape their values for a lifetime.…show more content…
For instance, in "Little Women”, Louisa May makes Amy values clear from the beginning of the story. This youngest of four sisters was selfish and vain. One occasion that illustrates this was when Amy and her sisters decided to spend their money to buy presents for their mother instead of buying something for themselves. But Amy mentioned, “I’ll get a little bottle of cologne. She likes it, and it won’t cost much, so I’ll have some left to buy my pencils.” Very selfish indeed! On the other hand, in "A Celebration of Grandfathers," Anaya tells that since he was a little boy, he had an appreciative heart. He says that when he was growing up, his parents would send him to live with his grandfather, every summer and that for him his grandfather’s place was magical. He also recalls about his grandpa, “He stood five feet tall, but to me, as a child, he was a
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