A Change In Gender Roles: Women's Role Of Women In World War II

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It is a common misconception that women never worked before the war and that large amounts of women suddenly streamed into the workforce picking up work that they have never done before. However, contrary to popular belief, that is not entirely true. It was definitely the case that middle to upper class American families could afford to let the woman stay at home as they were not required to work or to contribute to the household expenses. However, many women of a lower economic status and minority groups had to work. They were not able to enjoy the luxury that was staying home to look after their kids or husband. Another type of women who worked would be those that would work for a few years before they got married and had children. Thus, working was no foreign subject for women by 1940’s. However, working women was not a particularly popular topic as it was seen as inglorious and undignified. This was especially so during the period of the Great Depression, where many women were frowned upon if they worked as they were seen as stealing the already limited work available from men who were assumed as more capable than women (“A Change in Gender Roles: Women’s Impact during WWII in the Workforce and Military (Fall 2012)”, 2012). As a result, though women were urged to work with propaganda efforts during the war, not all wanted to, especially the upper and middle class women. Hence, most of the jobs left by the men were filled up by lower-class women and minorities who were

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