A Change Of Attitude Summary

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Parents are often the first to lay the foundational layer to a child’s life, which can be greatly influential, although young immature people are easily influenced by others, they may incorporate other influence thought their young lives to become ones who positively influence other. Young immature people are easily influenced in not thinking for themselves which can stem from their childhood or ones desire for acceptance of their peers. In “A Change of Attitude” by Grant Berry he explains his childhood and expressed the stigma his father embedded in him about education. Grant Berry’s father deeply expressed his opinions on education in making comments like school is a prison, and graduating from high school was so you never had to…show more content…
In “A Change of Attitude”, Grant Berry changes from a struggling student who was never encouraged to become more than average, to an adult that decided he wanted more for his family. Grant Berry started to read self-help books to support his love for reading and gain the self-esteem he needed to further his education. This action showed his family the self-determination he had to better himself, not only for himself, but for they can have better lives as well. In “The Conveyor-Belt Ladies”, Rose Del Castillo Guilbault goes from being embarrassed of her heritage to being proud. By learning more about the women she worked with in her summer youth. Thought her growth processes she learned that they were not people to be mocked or laughed at; they were trying to lives and better there families lives. They all had stories like everyone else. By the end of her summer at only 16 years old Rose Del Castillo writes, “My icy arrogance quickly thawed, that first summer, as my respect or the conveyor-belt ladies grew.” With that they both changed for the better, and the better of their families. As well as the public, these stories show with time, development, and the right attitude anything is
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