A Changing Family Trends In Belize's Family Life

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The Belizean society has been modernizing for the best of us as so we think, but has been a toll changing family trends for the bad over the last 25 years. These past years it has been only about making money, jobs are now demanding certain expectations which lead many people with broken homes because they are always busy with work and don’t have the time to even say hello or bid the time of the day. The Belizean society has been “Americanize” that they even forget the traditions of their culture; they’ve been brainwashed with all the nice clothes they see on television and wanting to fit in. Before cell phones was a big hit and along with having internet, there were such thing as “family bonding” which many families now today don’t know what that is, because of technology. Technology is one of the many reasons they are different trends in Belize’s family life. Belize’s family lives now mostly consist of broken homes, family members being neglected and lastly corruption and negativity in family. Changes and trends in Belize's family life over the last 25 years have caused many broken homes. The changes that caused this is because of the modern world we live in today, that doesn't stand for morals and traditions anymore. There have been more divorces than they are of
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We need to change our priorities and get back to the traditions. Belize is becoming too much of an "Americanize" society, teens and children of today care only for themselves and no one else, also they are the future of our country and its looking bad already. Elders need to step up and do their part before everything goes to the dogs. Families are to have unconditional love for each other, without that love we will be living in a cold cold world, which will be everyone for themselves. Its already starting, someone needs to make the

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