A Character Analysis Of Hazel Motes Irony

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Hazel Motes was raised religiously and taught to fear God and suffer for redemption. As he growing up, Hazel wished to be a preacher, to emulate his grandfather, but he loses his religious beliefs during the war. Ironically, he does become a preacher, but a preaching how Jesus is a lie, not a savior. Enoch Emery is a creature of habit and follows his “wise blood,” without self-control. His actions are controlled by his instincts in a very animalistic manner. He wants to belong in Taulkinham, but his crude behavior makes him an outsider. Asa Hawks is a preacher, whom Hazel meets when he hands out pamphlets and attempts to garner donations for himself. He serves as the archetypal “blind prophet,” who can see the truth without eyesight. Asa
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