A Character Analysis Of Huxley's Lenina Crowne

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The character that I targeted my ad towards is Lenina. She is overall sexy, mentally and physically pneumatic and promiscuous. On page 118, Huxley wrote, “‘Lenina Crowne?’ said Henry Foster...‘Oh, she’s a splendid girl. Wonderfully pneumatic. I’m surprised you haven’t had her.’ ‘I can’t think how it is I haven’t,’ said the Assistant Predestinator.” This conversation supports that Lenina is promiscuous and physically pneumatic because the two men are surprised that the Predestinator didn’t have her yet and Henry Foster describes her as being “Wonderfully pneumatic.” Since pneumatic means full of air and they were talking about sex, I can infer that Henry was talking about Lenina’s physical, not mental attributes. Lenina is later proven mentally pneumatic when she cannot grasp that John wishes to be married. On page 191, after Lenina asks John why he would, “‘...like to undergo something nobly...’” (Huxley 190), John says, “‘Why? But for you, for you. Just to show that I’ …’To show how much’...’How much I love you, Lenina’...’in Malpais people get married’...’For always. They make a promise to live together for always.’” (Huxley) After Lenina hears this, she says it’s a horrible idea and begins to undress.The fact that Lenina, after hearing John say that he wants to get married, still undresses proves she is mentally pneumatic, because if John’s only interest in her was sexual then he wouldn’t have proposed marriage. From Lenina’s actions throughout Brave New World, I have
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