A Character Analysis Of Milkman's Pilate

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Pilate is an extremely strong figure in Milkman’s life who makes him feel like he is loved by her.The motif of flying associated with Pilate is different than other characters in the book. PIlate knows the value of the relationships she has and as a result, “without ever leaving the ground, she could fly”. This is as important contrast to Milkman’s journey of self discovery because although he matures and becomes his own independent man, he leaves the people he loves behind and doesn’t realize it until it's too late. For example Hagar would have done anything for Milkman, however he treated her very poorly. It wasn’t until Guitar tried to take his life that he reminisces on Hagar and realized the poor treatment he as put upon her. Not long after Milkman left, in a last ditch effort to become what she thinks Milkman desires, Hagar goes on a shopping rampage trying to become a woman who he might want. …show more content…

This attempt from Hagar to change her physical appearance to fit the expectations she believes Milkman has, shows that she was not getting the love she desired. Although blind to how his leaving affected Hagar until a later time, Milkman finally came to the discovery of what he had done. His inability realize all that Hagar was doing was for him and treat her like she deserved, ultimately played the key role in why she died. Pilate contrasts this very differently in the sense that she never leaves who she loves behind. This difference between the two and the way that Pilate handles situations is why Milkman looks up to her and strives to be someone like

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