A Character Analysis Of Mood: My Life Next Door

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Main characters: The main characters in the book My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick, are Samantha Reed, Jase Garrett, and Samantha’s mom, Grace Reed. Samantha is hardworking, trustworthy, and responsible. Jase is kind, loving, and selfless. Grace is strict, busy, and judgemental. Samantha and Jase are both 17 years old. The Garrett’s and Reed’s live two completely different lives. In this book, and trailer you see how Samantha and Jase turn their two separate lives, into a relationship.

Mood: My Life Next Door has multiple moods. At the beginning of my trailer the music is light and happy, because she is living her ordinary life. Then the music changes to show her curiosity. She grows more and more curious about what the Garretts are like next door. Ever since they moved in, Samantha Reed was forbidden to ever meet or talk to the Garretts. The Reed’s, who consist of Samantha, Samantha’s sister Tracey, and Samantha’s mother Grace, have always had more than enough money to get by. Samantha has spent years looking at them from her bedroom balcony, watching them, admiring them, wishing she could know them. Then the mood changes when one
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You see the life Samantha has before knowing the Garrets, and you see how it changes, after she knows the Garretts. You also see this change in Samantha’s mother. As you know from the trailer, Samantha’s mom, Grace, is a politician. At the beginning of the book, Grace was the same mom she has always been... strict, busy, and judgemental. There is a quote in the book from Samantha’s mom saying… “There is one in every neighborhood. The family that never mows their lawn. Has toys scattered everywhere. The ones that never plant flowers, or do and let them die. The messy family that lowers real estate values. Here they are, right next door.” There is another quote from the end of the book saying… “...I’d like to meet Jase’s family” Throughout the book you see that change
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