A Character Analysis Of Paul's Case By Willa Cather

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Willa Cather’s short story, “Paul’s Case” is about a young man who is determined to make his aspirations a reality by all means necessary. That meant being deceitful as a start of gaining control and social status and telling lies to get to where he felt like he belonged, but where did he belong? This desire was the beginning of a journey that would eventually leave him with nothing. There is something unusual about Paul, something that can only be explained by his demeanor and actions throughout the story. With that said, I intend to construct a complete character analysis of Paul as he searches for satisfaction.
In particular, Paul's appearance is mentioned quite several times throughout the story. He does not match the description of an average Philadelphia boy; he is tall and
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Nothing mattered in his town, except for one thing: Carnegie Hall, where he worked as an usher. It is shown through his excitement when he was there. Paul took pride in his job as an usher; he felt a sense of belonging for the firs time in his city. “He carried messages and brought programs as though it were his greatest pleasure in life, and all the people in his section thought him a charming boy, feeling that he remembered and admired them.” (Cather 403) When he first arrived, he seemed always to be in such a rush to get dress. The boys he worked with knew that there was something different about Paul, and they made it known by calling him crazy. However, there was one young actor by the name of Charley Edwards, who seemed not to mind Paul’s company. It is evident that Paul may have looked to him in admiration and someone to confide in. Nonetheless, the hall continued to be all he could think about because to him it was an escape to the realms of his fantasy and he could be himself. The first sound of the instruments supplied him some relief, one that he could not find
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