A Character Analysis Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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Scrooge is a grumpy old man who does not like to celebrate Christmas, nor does he like to give anyone the time off to go see family at all because he does not think that anyone needs that time off. On Christmas eve though Scrooge is greeted the the ghost of Mr. Jacob Marley and three spirits, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. Who showed him how he treated different people and how if he did not change he would then die and there would other people dying because their family did not have the money or support to keep them all healthy. After getting a visit from all of the spirits he then decided to change his ways and become a happier man, becoming this way made everyone live longer and happier lives. When the first phantom showed up he showed him how he used…show more content…
As the spirit shows Scrooge of what is yet to come he soon realizes that he ends up dying and no one really cares because he was so rude to everyone. All the towns people just end up taking things from his house with his body still lying in his bed as well as wonder what his is going to do with all the money that he was left over. This makes Scrooge realize that if he really does not start treating people better they really will end up not caring whether he is alive or dead and they will also just come in and take his stuff that he has no matter if his body is still lying there or not. The spirit even shows Scrooge how the Cratchit family is doing after the death of Tiny Tim. Scrooge was able to see that the Cratchit family is now very quiet and just sits in a lot of quiet now that Tiny Tim is gone. Scrooge realizes now that it is really time to change how he treats people in a big way and that if he doesn’t nobody will care whether he is alive or not. Also that the people who’s lives that he does impact will be miserable because he treated them so
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