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8 A Choir Teacher Told Shakira She Sounded Like A Goat
Shakira started writing poetry on a typewriter at the age of seven and by the time she was eight she had already written her first song.
But she struggled at her Catholic school; she enjoyed entertaining her friends and the nuns with her singing but she was often sent out of class for being being disruptive and hyperactive. She was also rejected from the school choir because her vibrato (which would later become her trademark) was considered to be too strong. The music teacher remarked that Shakira sounded “like a goat” when she sang. "It sounds comic now, but back then it was very traumatizing," she said.
We bet that choir teacher felt pretty stupid when he heard her sing This Time
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Imagine what would have happened if she gave up halfway instead of pushing through?

5 Lady Gaga Was Dropped From Her First Recording Deal
During the early stages of her career, Lady Gaga established a company to promote her music. She recorded and send several electropop tracks to music industry execs, including Joshua Sarubin, the head of Def Jam Recordings. He liked her sound and signed her on as one of their artists.
But just three months later, she was dropped from the label.
She could have thrown in the towel right then and there but she pressed on, performing on her own in clubs and venues on New York City's Lower East Side. Just over a year later, she was discovered by Akon, who signed her under his label. She began working on her debut album and in 2008 her debut single “Just Dance” was nominated for a Grammy Award.
Lady Gaga's debut single, "Just Dance," was released to radio in early 2008, and received both popular and commercial acclaim. The song was then nominated for a Grammy Award (for best dance recording) in
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His wife retrieved the manuscript and encouraged him to try again, which he did. Finally in 1973 Carrie was accepted by a small publishing house who gave him an advance of $2,500. The paperback rights would later earn him around $400,000.
Today King’s books have sold more than 350 million copies.

1 Millennium Records “Passed” on Madonna’s Demo
Getting rejected is the worst feeling but we always have a choice about how to react. We can quit or just keep trying – which is what Madonna did.
As a young woman Madonna relocated to New York City with $35 in her pocket, a move she described as “the bravest thing I’d ever done”. She collaborated with a few bands before deciding to market herself as a solo artist. She sent demos to a number of record labels, one of which was Millennium Records. The President of the label, a man named Jeremy Inner, reviewed her demo but felt that her sound was not quite ready and rejected her for a recording deal.
But insisted of throwing in the towel she used the rejection to spur her on. She sent her demo to Seymour Stein of Sire Records, who was in hospital at the time. He knew a good thing when he heard it and summoned her to his sick bed so that she could immediately sign her to his
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