A Christian Coming Out Summary

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After listening to guest speaker and author of a Christian Coming Out, Lou Anne’s story about being a lesbian and being a conservative Christian at that has taught her to embrace her sexuality and her lifestyle. For years, Lou Anne lived her life as a straight conservative girl, and later woman. As she repeated time and time again, “I was in a unhappy marriage, I pretend to be someone I was not…” Lou Anne eventually was at her breaking point, where she thought about taking her own life, because she said, “the thought of living another day as straight woman led me to believe being dead and going up to heaven was the only way I could see myself ever being happy”. It was not until her 60’s when Lou Anne had a change of heart, the way she labeled…show more content…
At one point, Lou Anne even said that her dad was the first to notice she was showing signs that she was gay especially when his suspension were true when he found her letters she was writing to her secret partner. It was then, he made her talk to her mom, and instead of her mom accepting and embracing her daughter that this was a sign of her coming out her mom quickly snapped these horrible stories and scenarios on her if she was to live her life as a gay woman. From that point Lou Anne thought her mom was right so she thought about it, and she made the decision to live for other people so she can make them happy verse living for her and making herself happy. Not knowing the hardships and challenges that she had to endure over the course of her life, I personally thought one thing in her personal story was a little bit hard to grasp, was when she said, “No one wakes up and wants to be gay” to me I think the way society is and how being gaylesbian is defined in many ways her opinion about choosing to be gay is not quite the case anymore. Eventually, Lou Anne came to conclude her story, by telling us, “Find someone to tell your truth, your story, she continue to say when you find just one person to open up to and discuss your most deepest and darkest secrets, it can stop you from making a decision you’ll regret later on in
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